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Because of generations of adaptations to its desert surroundings, Yazd has a unique Persian architecture. It is nicknamed the "City of Windcatchers" (شهر بادگیرها Shahr-e Badgirha) from its many examples.



Terme Hotel is a traditional hotel in the Yazd city; an ancient city in the center of Iran. This hotel is located in vaghto saat square near the Kabir Jameh Mosque

The building of the hotel goes back to Qajar period. This building includes ten rooms with all facilities (LCD TV, Hot & Cold Split Air Conditioner, Fridge, and etc This hotel was repaired by Mr. Hosseni, the owner of the Terme Factory;

Terme is one of the traditional fabrics in Iran. The bedspreads of the hotel were made of this fabric. You can see the products of Hosseni Terme factory below. Meanwhile, the roof of the hotel has a great view of the Kabir Jameh Mosque and traditional buildings around the hotel. You can take fantastic photos from the top of roof. There are facilities like Telescope, Billiard table and coffee shop on the roof. In addition WiFi is available too.


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